Lakeshore has provided our son with a superlative education, dedicated teachers and many opportunities to create a well rounded student. Most importantly it is a happy environment where our son is excited and motivated to go to school everyday. He has been taught to be confident, courageous and has developed leadership skills. I am confident that Lakeshore will provide our boy with the academic skills and organizational tools to achieve great success in the future.

Sukhi Grewal

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We became a “Lakeshore family” a few months after the school opened, when our daughter Jennifer joined the grade five class. She thrived: The creative and innovative program; the individual attention; the academic environment that encouraged her to challenge herself; and the positive and fun classroom environment all combined to give her an excellent experience. Her transition to the Grade 9 Challenge Program was a breeze. This is a great school, with teachers that put their heart and soul into their work.

Natalie Cann

Lakeshore school has offered a wonderful educational start for our two children. The small class sizes allow for individualization in the delivery of the curriculum where they are motivated to reach their full potential. There is a great sense of community with a warm and welcoming environment. Collaboration between the primary and senior grades is encouraged which enriches all of the students’ experiences. The teachers and staff are very approachable and truly seem to enjoy what they do. They foster learning through real world experiences and by encouraging a love of exploration. The first-hand interaction with the teachers on a daily basis really enables you to understand what your children are doing and learning about.

Lisa Frederiksen, MD


Our son attended Lakeshore in grades 7 and 8, and it was the best decision we have ever made. We only wish we had known about the school sooner. Kyle struggled in public school. He was assessed as very bright but with attention and focus difficulties. Although he had some great teachers in public school, the system was not supportive due to the large class sizes. An IEP was no help. As a result, Kyle’s grades were mostly Cs, his confidence was low, and he had zero interest in school. When we transferred Kyle to Lakeshore at the start of Grade 7, the change was immediate. In a class of 7 students, everyone was focused and engaged throughout the day. Kyle very quickly re-gained an interest in learning and his confidence soared. By the end of Grade 7, he had mostly Bs, and by the end of grade 8, he had straight As, and received the L.I.F.E. Award as the student best combining Academics, Athletics, and Leadership. The teachers at Lakeshore are amazing. We can’t say enough about them. They excelled at making school fun and instilled a passion for learning in all of the students. We were constantly kept informed by their email updates, and whenever there was an issue such as incomplete homework or declining attention, it was discussed and resolved quickly. The curriculum ensured that the students stayed engaged, with projects that bridged the various subjects, an excellent music programme, an annual school play that was the highlight for both the kids and parents, overnight field trips, etc, etc. The two years that Kyle spent at Lakeshore changed his life and ours. We will always be in debt to the school. To Tracey, Andrew, Steven, and all the rest of the staff: Thank you!

Patricia and Todd Colbourne

Sapere Aude ~ “Have the courage to use your brain” is a short phrase dating to 20 BC and the perfect motto to describe the educational philosphy at Lakeshore School. Our family chose Lakeshore School because we believe that children have the right to learn in an environment that meets their learning style and needs. Lakeshore offers a student-centered model with small class sizes which allows the teacher to focus on teaching and connecting with students rather than worrying about the classroom behaviour management issues which are too often a reality in overcrowded mainstream classrooms. While providing exemplary curriculum and extensive exposure to the arts and technology, staff not only have the highest expectations of their students, but also genuinely care for them. Students are encouraged to not only be intellectuals, but to be resourceful, accountable, creative, kind and compassionate people who can contribute and create change in the world. I believe that what distinguishes Lakeshore is this nourishing of the whole person and providing the environment for each child to find their gifts and a sense of place in the world.

D. Whitmarsh


Congratulations on opening Lakeshore School. We trust it will be the warm welcoming environment you provided Martin and Rachel. The educational and life lessons they learned from all 3 of you during their primary school years has served them very well in secondary school and beyond. We especially appreciated the flexibility of being able to use your curriculum when we 'home schooled' during our sabbatical in the UK and France. Best wishes on your new endeavour. We are confident it will be very successful!

David Goldstein and Elizabeth Van Den Kerkhof