Vision and Mission

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Lakeshore School is a dynamic, co-educational elementary school dedicated to creating knowledgeable and confident students with a clear understanding of the world and themselves, the courage to lead, and the ability to make a difference in their local and global communities.  


Encapsulated by the motto "Sapere Aude", or "Dare to Be Wise", our mission is to teach leadership by encouraging creativity, curiosity, independence, and responsibility.

Core Beliefs

Lakeshore encourages academic excellence, creative and critical thinking by modelling and encouraging the following practices:

1. Collaboration We believe that education requires an active collaboration between students, parents, and staff. 

2. Communication • We believe that one of the keys to successful education is clear, respectful communication between all parties involved in a student's education.

3. Cooperation • We believe that, in addition to individual pursuits, students must be given the opportunity to work cooperatively in order to reach common goals and solve common problems.  

4. Learning • We believe learning “how” to learn is the most valuable skill a school can teach.  Each student should discover and develop their own learning style and learn how to best acquire the skills and knowledge they will need at all stages of their life.

5. Citizenship • We believe that active citizenship is important to the development of a student. Citizenship begins with taking on and honouring responsibilities, obligations, and commitments at the classroom and school level. We believe in providing opportunities for students to use their developing knowledge, skills, and confidence to be active in their local and global communities.

 6. Lifestyle • We believe in  encouraging our students to  be well rounded.  In addition to providing  extra-curricular opportunities that allow students to explore a variety of interests, we believe that all students must have time for family, friends, and the pursuit of outside interests and educational opportunities in order to have a happy and sustainable lifestyle.